Jupe is a top model in Batam, which was ready to act in the world model

Jupe is a sexy body, who is now

wrestling in the world model. For the area of Riau Islands Jupe is not foreign to us ....

Jupe nickname everyday courage to face challenges, with the style in front of the camera he was confident, never feel inferior to others, memenag if not so it's not that he said Jupe hehehe. yes ... Jupe did not think if you can not face challenges, such as Julia Perez is always ready for the gosipi.

Not a day without heppy world, people always heppy Jupe, trivial problems will not be taken dizziness ....

Indeed if you want to follow the time the world model should now be ready to face challenges, whose name the model should be ready to look sexy. Unless the model itself becomes a model kebaya muslim. Obviously have to use a veil. But if Jupe kebaya indication that her headscarf would also beautiful, because it's basically been pretty jupe. So whatever clothes she wears would look beautiful and sexy.

Jupe Oya Model Metro now has competed in the Riau Islands in Kotabatam held in Batam Island is in Panbil Ria Mukakunging Mall Batam.

This event is held is the Media Posmetro Batam, I heard hadianya cash millions of dollars.

If anyone interested can apply directly to the committee Ok .... come directly to Panbil Mukakuning Mall Batam. Please do'anya so Jupe can win. Thank you .......

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