Widya The beautiful and sexy models Batam Riau Islands

Widya is the name of a beautiful girl and the ideal-bodied people would have said, usually on call widya Widi, Widi Coin is located in the Housing Nagoya Batam. The ideal body, looks graceful when wrapped her favorite dress.

Widi's nice to have seen, felt bored not to be seen, more mature than her age looks accidental Widi a very young age, was 16 years (ABG) if the term young people today.

Although young age or young exactly, but the way he thought enough lead kehari front.

"The most exciting thing in life to me, when I gathered with my family," he said with a smile expands. Road to the beach, swimming, watching the same friends, same family karaoke, is one of the preoccupations, might have been termasik emang maybe yes hobby ....

Spare time, which is the later. "I'm easy going person aja. Principles for me, I live life not caring what people diomongin about me. Because people see me only from the outside. From his physical, "it said. What is your comment about those who like talking about you? "I do not care!" Said Widi .*

Name: Widya Degree, Call: Widi, Address: Housing Nagoya Coin Number 1, Place and Date of Birth: Kilkenny, August 29, 1994, School: Class I SMK Widya Paramitra Department of Nursing, Hobbies: Watching, Travel, Shopping, Swimming, Food Fav : Fried Noodles, Fav Color: Pink & Black, The ideals: want to be a career woman

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