Kuta Bali Gigolo be the place where the operation

Dly Kuta Bali - Kuta Bali Operation gigolo, gigolo is a little different in other places, looking for prey in a café, shopping mall or a bar-hangout bar in other places .. If prey have hit their usually invited to the villas or to the hotel.

Kuta Beach Bali gigolo practices have been around 20 years ago. Its presence can be detected significantly. They possess the characteristics of its own when to seek prey.

Information quoted from Vivianews, according to the state media, Jony Combor, one gigolo coastal states, the activities of different beach gigolo gigolo generally, such as in cafes or entertainment venues.

-Gigolo gigolo is often intentionally contacted her guests before they arrive in Bali. Then asked to accompany the guest during a vacation in Bali.

"They also have a friend that seated guests accompany tourists during the 2-3 weeks, as the streets, the shopping up to deliver a holiday to other areas such as Lombok," said Jony Combor VIVAnews encountered, Tuesday, April 27, 2010.

Among them are related, some are not. "Can they say this as an unofficial guide," he said.

Unlike the beach gigolo, among other characteristics usually burly, black, filthy, hairy bear, dyed hair, likes to wear sagging pants, and likes to sunbathe.

"That's the features that stand out, if looking for prey usually they approached the target that was sunbathing with foreign language daily," he said.

Language is often used to approach guests such as "Hi .. how are you". If a gigolo to the point it will say "you like jig-ijigg?" jigg-ijigg is one of the Australian slang term commonly used by bule-bule who want to have sex.

If the target of the Japanese, the language used "Moshi-Moshi ..., anata wa daisuki-Icha Icha, desu ka"? means "hello what you want to 'make love' with me?"

The difficulty, the gigolo hangout is unpredictable. But, usually located in the stalls along the beach of Kuta.

Unlike in the region of Gianyar Ubud, their characteristics almost identical, pants-shirt, muscular, and wearing a crooked hat, sunglasses.

They are not native to Kuta, the average of other regions such as Buleleng, Singaraja, Karangasem, even from Banyuwangi and Jember.

"In Ubud too much, they usually hang around tourist attractions Monkey Fores, in addition to the field, in the way of Goddess Sita, they are usually in the Villa-Villa," he said. (Hs)
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